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16th Note Timing Cavaliers' Tap Timing (Brian Mason) The following information was provided by Gary K.Rudolph. Regarding "Tap Timing": We called the exercise "tap timing" based off the drumline's original warmup, and it was one of Mason's "let's see if this works.." kind of things. Also, the notes are, from bottom to top: A, E, G, C. We did this to improve our sextuplet permutations (212343) and independent rolls.
1993 Cavie Lick A lick from the Cavaliers' Opener Contributed by James Campbell. He is the current copyright holder and has given his permission to include this excerpt in this archive.
Abacus Abacus Exercise Contributed by David A. Enete
adb A.D.B (Rich Viano - Magic 1991)
AxeMan Spirit of Atlanta Bass Cadence (Bart Moore) Axe Man is a classic bass cadence originally written by Bart Moore. Bart marched with the Spirit of Atlanta in 1979 and taught with the corps in 1980. The piece is straight-forward, and should be familiar to many veteran drum corps fans. This file was created thanks to Jack Bornstein (who provided the original written score).
AxeMan 2 Axe Man (different one)
Birdland BIRDLAND! - by DJ Montalbano
This is the opening statement of Birdland, the opener of the 1997 Syracuse University Marching Band's first halftime show. This is only page 1. This is the full score, and pit parts are included. NOTE: The tempo is 176. The Triangles in the bass parts are Ribbon Crashers mounted on the drums. This was performed at the 1997 KickOff Classic in East Rutherford, NJ.
Combos Denny's Combos (Tom Float)
Diddle Exercise Diddle Sonata No.1 by Josh Bula (Leon HS)
Double Beat Check A double-beat exercise by DJ Montalbano designed to incorporate double-beats into basic timing. Short and to the point.
Fast X Fast-X Exercise by David A. Enete
Fast-X is intended to be used at tempi from quarter=110 to 154 (or higher if needed). It was written to work isolated para-diddles and para-diddle-diddles, as well as triple-beat figures as in m.3 & m.4. The "X" mark in m.8 is a ping shot.
Flam Tap This is a simple flam tap.
Flannel Man Flannel Man Contributed by Thomas E. Davis
Fred Fred by K. Float, C. Harris, and T. Dang. Contributed by Trent Dang
Irish Spring Irish Spring Contributed by Thomas E. Davis
Jitterbug Submitted by Adam Newberg
Jig The Blue Devil's Jig. Contributed by Trent Dang
Lezghinka Lezghinka Snare Part by Ralph Hardimon Yes, this piece of music has to be one of the best known "smokin" percussion solos to hit the field. It was originally done by SCV in 1978, and then brought back in 1987 by Ralph Hardimon. The original came from Ty Hardaway.(1987 Drumline captain) The fax came from Jack Bornstein. Above all, thanks Ralph.
LHarp Left Handed Arpeggios by K. Float, C. Harris, and T. Dang. Contributed by Trent Dang
Mexicanna Mexicanna by K. Float, C. Harris, and T. Dang. Contributed by Trent Dang
Paradiddle-Diddle Trip Para-diddle-diddle Trip by David A. Enete
7/4 7/4 by K. Float, C. Harris, and T. Dang. Contributed by Trent Dang
Singles Singles Contributed by Thomas E. Davis
Spiggata Spiggata by K. Float, C. Harris, and T. Dang. Contributed by Trent Dang
Suncoast Sound Suncoast 1990 (Jack Starling) Contributed by Thomas E. Davis
Thumper Thumper Bass Drum Cadence by David A. Enete
Triplet Rolls Triplet rolls Contributed by David A. Enete

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