Playing Zones! – #PercussionLaw

While we have fun with the #PercussionLaw hashtag, adding in some humor with our basic concepts, this is actually a pretty serious topStaying in those playing zones!ic!  Sparing you all with lengthy tutorial-sounding prose, it truly must be brought up as critical!

Yes, this is a healthy reminder to stay within those playing zones, as directed!  Your technique is held more in check, and equally important — the quality of sound produced is much higher!

For you instructors out there, it is truly something to keep an eye on. Be sure to look across all sections, including the pit to ensure all battery and pit performers are approaching their instruments so as to achieve playing in the proper playing zones and producing a high quality of sound.

Working in A Domed Environment

by DJ Montalbano

Former Percussion Coordinator

Syracuse University Marching Band


It is a cool autumn day, and your entire band is out on the field, along with the rest of your organization. It’s the day before one of your major regional marching band competitions. Here you are with your entire staff working on ensemble balance, projection from the percussion, timing control issues, and anything that may need tweaking. Finally, the rehearsal’s end arrives and you find yourself en route to the task of the evening.

When your band gets on the field, you and your staff decide to head upstairs to witness the show from a judge’s standpoint. Of course you would like to get the full effect! The show begins and things are just not right! You can see the faces of individuals in your ensemble working just as hard as they always do in rehearsals and they seem a bit relaxed yet a bit aggressive. They are working just as normal, but all of the important things including balance, timing, and projection just are not better, in fact they are worse! Then you look up and realize you are in a Domed arena. What went wrong?

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